So I have been away for a while, working 66-70 hrs a week, putting up with people that I just plain dont like, putting so much work on myself, seriously i’ve lost like 15 lbs. and I have only saved up about 1/5 of what I have earned and it wasn’t on me, but rather on fees I didn’t know my bank was charging me for and on my family. To make it worse, they keep expecting more from me. I feel like I am wasting my time and energy, and youth. Seriously my fingers are like dead, cant feel anything. I need to run away, because I am on the verge of a mental breakdown that will not be good at all. Just when I think things could go well at least a little bit, they start going horribly wrong again….

Can someone please update me on anything Womens Soccer that has happened in the past month? I feel so disconnected from the world cause of work!

Had to take the little brothers to get registered for High school! Then checked out the hall of fame cause yes this is Hope Solo’s old high school as well hehe

I feel so disconnected from the real world outside of work. The sad part is there is nothing waiting for me out there anyway.

It’s been a week since I went back to work at my old summer job. I clocked in 74 hrs and it wasn’t so bad until yesterday. I’m a nice person, I get along with everyone, but there is a guy there that thinks all girls want him, that he’s everything but he’s scum of the earth. I dont take his crap and I put him in his place. Today I actually got to take the day off because no product would be running. Other than that, I get home tired as all hell, but it’ll be only for a couple of months and the pay is very very good. Wish me luck everyone, or I might just kill someone bahaha

Zombie Mode Enabled!

Yup, I will be back at my old summer job, working from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week for the forseeable future.

While this is not what I wanted right out of college, as long as I’m stuck in this town, I have to endure it.

But hey at least the pay is very good and once it’s over I can travel somewhere. 

Just sucks that I am wiped out by the end of the day and then on my days off, I will be too tired to do anything but breathe. Well wish me luck cause I know there will be a few bumps from here until October. 

On the bright side I decided to do something this week to pay it forward…kind of. I realized that I had been whining for a while about my life when it dawned on me that I am quite lucky to be in great health.

At first I was looking for places in town that were holding blood drives but instead I found a place where I can donate plasma. So I went and was eligible and I feel great to be doing something during a time of a plasma shortage. It’s something important that sick children and adults need so I feel good about myself. :) 

We sort of have this stereotype that women’s hockey is that much different than men’s hockey, when really, hockey is hockey. We’re fast, we’re talented, we’re amazing athletes. And if people could sort of throw away this ‘oh, women are a little bit less skilled than the men’ notion, that would be great. Because we’re great athletic women, who are amazing role models, who are super involved in each community that we touch. It’s just… It would be nice for the entire world to sort of open up and accept that.

Hilary Knight for ESPN’s body issue (x)

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As the World Cup is coming to an end…let’s get ready for the Women’s World Cup next June!!

As the World Cup is coming to an end…let’s get ready for the Women’s World Cup next June!!

Yes, nature built men and women different, but there is not a doubt in my mind that there are female soccer players that can give male players serious competition. 

Players like Wambach, Morgan, Leroux and Sinclair are serious goal scorers, and there are serious defenders like Sauerbrun, Buehler, Krieger and many more. Not to mention serious goalkeepers like Hope Solo, Mcleod and Angerer, and speedy players like HAO and O’Hara. These are just some examples cause I can keep going mentioning players. 

But my point is, people need to stop saying that male and female players play on different levels cause if we look at the facts, Women can play soccer too.